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Weight Loss

Medical Weight loss distinguishes between loss of fat and maintenance of muscle mass with your health at it center. Individuals can lose weight in a number ways, but most people don’t really know what kind tissue was lost. A loss of muscle is easy when restricting diet, but muscle is difficult to bring back and it is needed to burn fat.

Medical Weight loss can use medical grade products. A medical grade product is one that has a verifiable content and typically a higher dose than one could otherwise find. A medical grade product can be natural based nutraceutical that can only be dispensed by a physician, or it can be a medicine for weight loss.

How It Works

Medical Evaluation

Body Composition

State of the art InBody technology

Resting EKG

evaluating heart health

Monthly follow-ups

Biweekly telemedicine visits

Personalized consultation with our Registered Dietitian

Work side by side with our dietitian to develop your goals, and implement lifestyle changes.

Laboratory work up

Cholesterol Screening; indication of future cardiac disease and potential diabetes

Diabetes Screeing;

undiagnosed cases can drive weight gain.

Liver function

Thyroid function; it can be a cause of slow metabolic rate

Electrolyte and Vitamin level evaluation