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DIRECT PRIMARY CARE: the game changer for your high deductibles

“So what did my insurance cover?” It’s no longer news that despite the high deductibles accrued to enrolled insurance, many patients still take care of their health with much of the money coming out of their pockets. Therefore patients frustrated with the authorization process to receive the basic referrals and services have flocked to PPO plans assuming “the freedom” to go anywhere

Unfortunately, even the PPO plans are now also being limited by “COVERED” and “NON-COVERED” services and facilities. As such, physicians often have to get authorization for ancillary services like an Ultrasound or a CAT scan if the patient has a PPO plan. Even when these hurdles have been scaled, patients are still left to foot the most of the bill which often falls into their deductible obligation. Patients are often left thinking?”

But there’s an effective alternative, and that’s the Direct primary Care.

The Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a national physician-led movement to eliminate the walls between the patient and their primary care physician. The DPC model is a personalized and comprehensive healthcare package available to patients 24/7. The DPC is a reasonable contract bringing back the patient-doctor relationship – which is the way primary care was meant to be. With direct primary care, patients become engaged with physicians who have a vested interest to negotiate fair and manageable prices, often far less than their total annual deductible

In a health care system that’s increasingly getting expensive and less personalized, the DPC is a solution that benefits the patients as well as the physicians. It lets patients have access to specialized primary care at moderately reduced costs and also helps physicians avoid conducting unnecessary tests and procedures. With a Membership, patients have access to a range of services within the practice. Membership is often inclusive of all services and procedures offered within a practice.

At Essential Medical Clinic, our MEMBER patients have access to discounted medications and can use secure messaging and video conferencing to communicate with our physicians. Membership gives patients ADDITIONAL access to a negotiated and transparent fee schedule of auxiliary services such as CAT scans, X-rays, and additional laboratories (BEYOND THE BASIC ANNUAL LABS).

Indeed, signing up for Direct Primary Care and our MEMBERSHIP is a smart move to make on your path to better healthcare and managing the costs associated with it.


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